Poor Neglected Blogs

Well, I have neglected my poor blogs for a very long time once again.  The usual excuses of work, study and everyday life still apply.  I always think of things to write but don’t seem to have time to actually sit down and do them.  Now that I’m sitting down to do it, I can’t think of anything interesting to say.  I need to make better use of my notebook and pen so that I have something to say next time.


Is it Time for Another Ramble?

Gee, I’ve certainly been away from this blog for a while. Long story short – study, part-time work, stress overload, heart failure, dealing with aftermath of heart failure, more study, part-time work, upcoming volunteering and lots and lots of procrastination.

I’ve been umming and ahing about whether to get my sites back up or not and really have not had the time to worry about updating and uploading them. So some of the links on my blog will be obsolete.

I’d forgotten that I had 4 blogs to manage.  Yes, 4 of the bloody things! Two of them were created as assignments for courses and the other two are this one and Off Profile.  Actually, I’ve just remembered that this one was created as a course assignment too. I think I’m trying to juggle too many balls once again.

Seriously considering sticking some of my poetry and short stories up on here until I have decided what to do about putting sites back up.

That’s about it for now. As someone famous once said, “I’ll be back.”


You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve really wanted to write about or comment on something, and it has tumbled around in my head only to be eventually lost.  And the thought of trying to maintain three blogs  – puddymuddle.wordpress.com, offprofile.wordpress.com and nellygolightly.wordpress.com – was a bit daunting so I’ve simplified a bit.  Copy and paste to all three.  Not exactly original but at least it might help with keeping them all updated.

Not sure whether I will add a blog to my business site http://virtualgirlfriday.net.au.  I probably should let it have its own blog but then again that may send me completely round the bend.  It might be better to point to one of the three I already have.

Decisions, decisions.

London Riots

I’ve been following the news of the London riots on various news sites – http://www.news.com.au/, http://www.abc.net.au/news/, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ etc., and via my Twitter @puddymuddle.

This is the third day now and I’m still at a loss as to why London has erupted like this.  Yes, I know it supposedly all started out as a ‘peaceful’ protest after the police shot a man but hasn’t it all gone way too far?

From what I’ve read the rioting and looting has spread to other areas and the police have been struggling to get things under control.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people fighting for rights and wanting social change in countries where they are suffering under cruel despotic rulers.  But London?  This seems totally crazy to me and I’m struggling to understand why.

There was a recent tweet from @wikileaks with regard to a printed advice sheet for looters and rioters http://yfrog.com/z/h07mxcyzj.  There seems to be something rotten in the state of Denmark, or rather the city of London.  As far as I’m concerned that reeks of planning and organisation.

So who or what is behind it all and how far will it spread?  I guess time will tell.  I just hope it all settles down soon before too much damage is caused and too many lives are lost.

It’s Been A While

Yes, it certainly has been a while since my last post on this blog.  What’s been happening?  Well, quite a bit.

I decided to take a break from uni studies for a little while because I was working on TAFE business courses, working part-time and trying to find a second job because I didn’t have enough hours from my first job and studies to satisfy Centrelink.  It was crazy and getting a little bit tiring to say the least.

I’m now about halfway through TAFE Cert III in Business so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The appalling job situation here at Hervey Bay, and the struggle with trying to find a second job, led me to applying for the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) to help me to start a small business.  I now have a Cert. IV in Small Business Management but still don’t have the web site completed or the business up and running.  The business was supposed to officially start from 1 July 2011 but hasn’t really had a chance yet as I was sick with flu for most of July.  Them’s the breaks.  The business web site is http://virtualgirlfriday.net.au

Once again I feel like I’m trying to do to many things at once.

The Election

Well, it’s election day and I still have no idea who I’m going to vote for.  I know that I will definitely not be voting for 3 of the 6 candidates for this area but I’m at a total loss beyond that.

Our choices are – Labor, Liberal, Family First, Greens and 2 Independents.  One of the Independents only seems to be concerned about the aged pension (possibly because he is quite old).  The other one wants to focus on using more sugar cane for ethanol instead of sugar.  Fair enough but I really don’t know what other policies he has.  My son wants to vote for the Sex Party!  What a shame that we don’t have a candidate in our area.  We also don’t have a Fishing & Lifestyle candidate and that seems a bit silly because this is a fishing/whale watching/touristy area.

I’m pretty much over the 2 major parties as a whole, but I do quite like Julia G.

If only we had an Australian chapter of the Monster Raving Loony Party!  Might be worth looking into!  hahaha  The party for the disillusioned (or delusional?).


I’ve just uploaded a few more photos to Flickr including some more of my daughter’s wonderful work.  She really is very good.

I love this one –

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