Handy Hint 1

If you buy a new item of clothing and don’t want your husband/partner to find out you can –

a.  Rip the tags off, throw it in with a load of washing and hang it out on the line, then ask your husband/partner to bring the washing in when it’s dry.  Chances are he won’t even notice the new thing because he’ll be too busy grumbling about getting the washing off the line.  If he does notice all you have to do is remind him that it isn’t new, you just haven’t worn it for a long time.  It smelt a bit musty so you washed it.  Simple.

b.  Tell him you’ve had it for months and it’s been squished up in the pile of ironing for ages and he’s forgotten that you bought it to wear to such-and-such’s birthday party (or similar event).  * This one will only work if you do have a pile of ironing that isn’t attended to regularly.