The Election

Well, it’s election day and I still have no idea who I’m going to vote for.  I know that I will definitely not be voting for 3 of the 6 candidates for this area but I’m at a total loss beyond that.

Our choices are – Labor, Liberal, Family First, Greens and 2 Independents.  One of the Independents only seems to be concerned about the aged pension (possibly because he is quite old).  The other one wants to focus on using more sugar cane for ethanol instead of sugar.  Fair enough but I really don’t know what other policies he has.  My son wants to vote for the Sex Party!  What a shame that we don’t have a candidate in our area.  We also don’t have a Fishing & Lifestyle candidate and that seems a bit silly because this is a fishing/whale watching/touristy area.

I’m pretty much over the 2 major parties as a whole, but I do quite like Julia G.

If only we had an Australian chapter of the Monster Raving Loony Party!  Might be worth looking into!  hahaha  The party for the disillusioned (or delusional?).


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