The Silly Things You Just Can’t Avoid

Life can be pretty silly at times.  A couple of years ago I found out that I’m diabetic.  It wasn’t really a surprise because my father and brother are, as well as my mother’s sister so the odds were against me.  Prior to that I was diagnosed with a type of auto-immune arthritis but nobody has been able to tell me which one so far.

Now I know that diabetes is not a good thing to have but it can be manageable.  Unfortunately, I’m not good with making regular doctor appointments and taking mountains of tablets daily and I’ve found it really hard to adjust as I’ve never had to do it before.  I upset my last doctor so much he kicked me out and told me to find another doctor.  I had no idea he expected me to see him weekly.  It does seem a bit excessive and my new doctor was quite amazed when I told him.  So I’ll be off again on the blood tests/tablets/urine tests etc.

Speaking of urine tests, I did the mother of all urine tests late last week.  24 hours worth of urine, through a funnel into a 4 litre bottle!  It wasn’t fun and it sure wasn’t easy.  Now if that isn’t one of the most ludicrous tests ever, I’ll eat my hat!

At least this new doctor I’m seeing is willing to look further into the auto-immune arthritis by having my blood retested for it, as well as treating the diabetes.


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