Stephen King’s Tips for Writers

Stephen King has some very good tips for writers that I shared on a Facebook page back in 2016.  I decided to go back and read through them again as I have been feeling the overwhelming urge to be creative again despite also feeling like I am banging my stupid head against a brick wall whenever I attempt to do so.  I am thinking of printing and laminating the list so that I can stick it to the wall near the computer.


Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers


Despicable 9/11 Reaction

Twitter Users Torch Trump Over Fist-Pumping, Thumb-Raising 9/11 Commemoration


I’m not even sure where to start with this one. I am not American but I can remember the horror and sadness I felt as I watched the Twin Towers burning and saw them come down. I also remember the reports of the other plane that hit the Pentagon, and Flight 93 that went down in a field due to the actions of the passengers who stepped in and stopped the hijackers from reaching their intended destination. So many lives were lost and so many families were destroyed. Anybody with an ounce of empathy would understand the emotions of the survivors, witnesses, and family members on 11 September every year, family birthdays, and every significant holiday.
So why did the orange turnip, a.k.a. Trump, have to make a mockery of the solemnity of the occasion when he attended a memorial ceremony in Pennsylvania? According to Huffpost (12/9/2018, 2.40pm, AEST), “he greeted supporters with a double fist pump” as he arrived at the ceremony. He also apparently gave a nice thumbs-up for the cameras at the Flight 93 memorial visitor centre. The photos can be found in the article through the link above. I guess he might have mistakenly thought he was attending one of his rallies rather than a 9/11 memorial event. It is more likely that his mind turned it into something that was all about him, so he put on a bit of a show for his supporters.
“Look at this crowd. A big crowd. A tremendous crowd here to see Trump. No collusion!”
It would not hurt him to think about others and behave accordingly but I have yet to see any sign of empathy or sympathy that might indicate humanity in the orange turnip.
I’ll give a thumbs-up to the Twitter reactions, and hope that the orange turnip takes some of the comments on board and learns from them but we all know that won’t happen.

More information about 9/11 can be found here:
9/11 Attacks
September 11 attacks
September 11 Terror Attacks Fast Facts

Everything is bad for us now!

Well, it looks like the next thing new ‘bad’ thing is sitting.  What are we all going to do?  Don’t eat (too many herbicides, insecticides, fat etc), don’t drink (too much sugar and artificial colouring), don’t smoke (too much of everything bad), don’t breathe (fumes and air pollution), don’t do anything (might get hurt, put on weight, kill the liver, stub your toe, etc.).

“Australia’s Heart Foundation has even go so far as to say sitting down is “the new smoking”.”  That sounds slightly exaggerated to me but I guess when all the crusaders get on board it will end up being worse than smoking.

Poor Neglected Blogs

Well, I have neglected my poor blogs for a very long time once again.  The usual excuses of work, study and everyday life still apply.  I always think of things to write but don’t seem to have time to actually sit down and do them.  Now that I’m sitting down to do it, I can’t think of anything interesting to say.  I need to make better use of my notebook and pen so that I have something to say next time.

Is it Time for Another Ramble?

Gee, I’ve certainly been away from this blog for a while. Long story short – study, part-time work, stress overload, heart failure, dealing with aftermath of heart failure, more study, part-time work, upcoming volunteering and lots and lots of procrastination.

I’ve been umming and ahing about whether to get my sites back up or not and really have not had the time to worry about updating and uploading them. So some of the links on my blog will be obsolete.

I’d forgotten that I had 4 blogs to manage.  Yes, 4 of the bloody things! Two of them were created as assignments for courses and the other two are this one and Off Profile.  Actually, I’ve just remembered that this one was created as a course assignment too. I think I’m trying to juggle too many balls once again.

Seriously considering sticking some of my poetry and short stories up on here until I have decided what to do about putting sites back up.

That’s about it for now. As someone famous once said, “I’ll be back.”

My Sites Here and There

Okay, I just rediscovered my old Tripod site that I’ve had for years.  That’s the first site I made for my poetry and Priscilla of The Turkeys story.  Hang on, I think the first site I had for them was at my old AOL web pages.  That was a very long time ago!

Now I’m at a loss as to what to do with the Tripod site.  I suppose I could use it as an alternative site for one of my domains or as a general info site to point people to my other sites.  Not sure yet.

For anyone who may be interested in having a look, my sites are at (my business site), (poetry and writing but not uploaded yet), (La Femme Nikita and Torchwood fan site but not uploaded yet), and (haven’t quite worked out what to do with this one yet).

My blogs are Life and Other Silly Things, my Curtin Uni Learning Portfolio, and my Off Profile blog.

So Many Sites and Too Many Passwords

How does one stay sane with regard to log-ins and passwords?  I have a book in my desk drawer that I write them in but I forget to do it sometimes and have to do the password reset thing.  That works okay if you can remember your log-in name and the email address you originally used to sign up for the account.

Love the internet access, hate the password dealio.  It’s one of those necessary evils like having to set the alarm clock (or in my case the mobile phone alarm) to get out of bed and go to work.

Passwords for Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, forum identities, website hosting ftp and control panels, email accounts and the list goes on and on….

I scribble mine into a note book in my desk drawer.  It would work adequately if I remembered to do it every time I signed up for a new account somewhere, but I do forget to do it sometimes.

Does anyone have a good method that works for them?


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