Who bore the brunt of the lies and deception,

while being told it was just misconception?

The lies were misleading.

Her mind was misreading.

“She must be crazy,” he said.


Who bore the pain and wore the scars,

when the hurtful words burned like cigars?

She had made a mistake

while baking a cake.

“You are rubbish,” he said.


Who bore the dread that tore through her heart

on the morning the car engine failed to start?

It was all her fault again.

She needs to listen.

“You’re just useless,” he said.


Who bore the lies, the deception, the pain?

Who bore the scars?

She did.


Michelle Mewburn © 2019


Image from pixabay.com (Creative commons license)


Secret Garden

This is just a quick post for the moment with a few comments. 

I have just started watching Secret Garden (2010).  This show has been on my ‘dramas to watch’ list for a long time so I thought I would give it a shot.  I have seen a couple of funny parodies on YouTube so I have wanted to watch it, but have been distracted by other dramas.

I was super happy to see two Korean actors in this that I really admire so I’m looking forward to seeing all the episodes.  Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo-won, department store CEO.  Hyun Bin is in Memories of the Alhambra which I am currently watching on Netflix.  Memories of the Alhambra is the first show that I have seen him in, so I was really happy to see that he is in Secret Garden.

Yoon Sang-hyun plays Choi Woo-young (Oska), a singer who is losing popularity.  Gap-dong (2014) is the first show that I saw Yoon Sang-hyun in and I found him really interesting.  He was also in Shopaholic Louis (2016) as Cha Joong-won.  I watched the last episode of Shopaholic Louis last night.  It was a great show and I will post my comments when I get to it.  He played a great character in that, so I was happy when I saw that he is in Secret Garden.

That’s about all for now.  I’ll have more comments when I have watched all the episodes. 

I would like to comment on many of the dramas that I have already seen but there are so many that it will take time.  There are also many dramas that I haven’t seen yet so please let me know if you have any drama recommendations for me. 

I do love watching the funny Big Bang Secret Garden parody.  I can relate to characters in the show now when I watch it.


She Was Pretty Follow-up (spoilers)

Proceed with caution if you have not seen She Was Pretty yet.

This drama should have been called The Wrong Dude for fairly obvious reasons.  Many may disagree but, honestly, I really feel she ended up with the wrong dude.  I am trying very hard not to let my Super Junior bias affect my preference for Kim Shin-Hyuk (Choi Siwon) over Ji Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon).  Yes, Sung-Joon got all cutesy, and yes, he looked so darn good with his hair in the casual style but my mind keeps telling me that if he was a genuinely good person he would not have treated Hye-Jin so badly in the earlier episodes.

On the other hand, my heart keeps telling me that while Sung-Joon was treating Hye-Jin badly Shin-Hyuk was there for her.  He teased her and made her laugh and he liked her just as she was before she had the silly make-over.  He hid the fact that he had an accident and was injured when was trying to find her because he thought she had been in a car accident, and he was looking out for her when Ha Ri was pretending to be her and meeting up with Sung-Joon.  The joking around would have become a bit annoying and exhausting at times, but this character had a heart of gold.

I am usually so happy when the main male and female characters resolve their issues and end up together at the end, but I really could not be happy about the ending of this one.  I will add this one to my list of dramas with not-so-happy endings.

It’s time to watch the next episode of Memories of the Alhambra.  ❤

She Was Pretty (a bit long and may have spoilers)

When I say “may have spoilers”, I really mean definitely has spoilers so if you haven’t seen the show yet you may want to proceed with caution.

I am watching Memories of the Alhambra but find it hard to wait for a week between episodes, so I have been filling in the gaps with other dramas.  I chose She Was Pretty to watch this week because the Netflix thumbnail showed a very familiar face and I wanted to check it out to see if I was right.  Yes, one of the main actors in this show is Choi Siwon who is also a member of Super Junior.  I did mention in an earlier post about my love for Korean dramas and Kpop, so being a fan of Super Junior and consuming almost every Su Ju video on YouTube for just over a year now, I knew I had to watch this one.

There are sixteen episodes of She Was Pretty.  I have noticed that most of the dramas I have seen so far have sixteen episodes, whether that is a Netflix thing or a Korean drama thing, I don’t know.  I am up to episode 12 now and not sure if I am going to love the ending or not.  It’s not that I don’t love the show, I do and I am really enjoying it, but I really don’t like two of the main characters.  Although one of them is showing that she is becoming more mature and learning from her mistakes.  The other one just annoys me with his attitude and self-centredness, and with the way he treats others.  No, it isn’t Choi Siwon’s character.  He is great and I would love to see him get the happily-ever-after ending but I’m not sure that is going to happen and it really isn’t fair if it doesn’t.  That is why I am not sure if I am going to love the ending.

Kim Hye-Jin, played by Hwang Jung-Eum  lives with her childhood friend Min Ha-Ri, who is played by Koh Joon-Hee, and has stayed in contact with another childhood friend Ji Sung-Joon, who is played by Park Seo-Joon. Sung-Joon lost his mother at a young age and was grateful to have a friend like Hye-Jin who helped him a lot when he was badly affected by the death of his mother.  Sung-Joon moved to America with his father so he stayed in contact with Hye-Jin through letters.

She Was Pretty begins with the very quirky, unemployed, frizzy-haired, spotty-faced Kim Hye-Jin, going to meet up with Sung-Joon who is now back in Korea.  Hye-Jin recognises him and is completely taken aback by the change in his appearance, from chubby kid with glasses to Kpop idol looks.  Unfortunately, Sung-Joon does not recognise her and walks right past her.  The next time they are going to meet up, Hye-Jin asks her much prettier friend to meet up with him instead and to pretend to be her as she felt embarrassed.  This is where a lot of problems begin because Ha-Ri keeps meeting up with him, pretending to be Hye-Jin, as the show progresses, and she starts to develop feelings for him.

In the meantime, Hye-Jin finds a new job and is transferred almost immediately to the editing department at The Most magazine.  This wouldn’t be a problem but, lo and behold, Sung-Joon is her new boss.  This is where I really start having problems with Sung-Joon.  Okay, so he is under pressure because the Korean office for the magazine is going to be closed if they can’t get it up to number one fashion magazine spot.  What I can’t excuse is the abusive way that he belittles Hye-Jin to the extent that he told her she has the same name as his childhood friend (it really is her) but that she doesn’t deserve that name because she is not good enough.  He is still seeing Ha-Ri, thinking that she is Hye-Jin, and while Ha-Ri is feeling guilty for betraying the real Hye-Jin she can’t bring herself to tell Sung-Joon the truth.  Hye-Jin is completely unaware of the fact that Ha-Ri has continued to meet up with Sung-Joon, and wants to tell him that she is his childhood friend but she has not had the opportunity to do so.

While this is going on the crazy journalist Kim Shin-Hyuk, played by Choi Siwon, has become Hye-Jin’s protector and rescued her from many embarrassing situations.  He spends more time with Hye-Jin and it becomes pretty obvious that he has feelings for her, and is concerned as he gradually learns the story of her childhood friend.  He puts two and two together and finds out that Ha-Ri is still pretending to by Hye-Jin and meeting up with Sung-Joon, so he warns her that she must tell Sung-Joon the truth.  Shin-Hyuk teases Hye-Jin constantly and finally confesses that he has feelings for her.  Hye-Jin is not sure whether to believe him or not because he is such a joker.

Hye-Jin has been asked by the chief editor (?), Kim Ra-Ra to make herself more Most-esque to fit in with the image of the magazine.  She has her hair straightened and begins to dress less casually.  She looks quite different and more like how she looked when she was younger, so Sung-Joon begins to take a bit more notice of her, spending more time with her, and seems to be acting nicer rather than yelling at her.  Then he starts to become jealous of all the attention that Shin-Hyuk is giving Hye-Jin.  This makes me feel really uncomfortable because Hye-Jin seems to have forgotten how nasty he was previously.

Anyway, the truth finally comes out in episode 10 and Sung-Joon finds out that Ha-Ri has been deceiving him and Hye-Jin is really his childhood friend.  He confronts Ha-Ri, starts acting like Hye-Jin should be his girlfriend, and becomes even more jealous of Shin-Hyuk.

As far as I am concerned Har-Ri and Sung-Joon deserve each other.  That might sound a bit harsh but Hye-Jin is a kind and thoughtful person who often puts others ahead of herself so I feel that she deserves more than Sung-Joon.  Ha-Ri has her redeeming qualities and has now begun to mature, realising that her friendship with Hye-Jin is far more important than anything else.  Sung-Joon is trying to pull at my heartstrings by being nice to Hye-Jin and crying but I can’t forget how mean he was to her in the first few episodes.  Shin-Hyuk comes across as a silly joker but he is also thoughtful and kind, and always rushing to Hye-Jin’s side when she needs him.  I am not sure how this will turn out.  I am halfway through episode 12 of the 16 episodes and I have a really bad feeling that Hye-Jin will end up with Sung-Joon when Shin-Hyuk is the better man by far.

I have loved watching Choi Siwon as Shin-Hyuk, but when I see him I see Siwon being Siwon.  He is so funny and has so many crazy expressions.  He has a way of opening his eyes really wide so that he looks quite manic, and he makes good use of that technique in She Was Pretty.  I had to do this comparison of Siwon being Siwon.  Spot the difference!

Siwon in She Was Pretty (suju elfjewels):

Siwon in Super Junior’s Super TV2 (Teck SG):

Another notable character who deserves a special mention is Kim Ra-Ra who was played by Hwang Suk-Jung.  She had lived in Italy for years, and had returned to Korea to take over as chief editor of The Most magazine.  She sure knew how to make an impressive over-the-top entrance.

Kim Ra-Ra (Sly Cat):

She Was Pretty aired in 2015 and is currently available on Netflix Australia.

Cast and air date info was obtained from http://asianwiki.com/She_Was_Pretty

My Love Affair With Korean Dramas and Kpop. (Could be some spoilers!)

What could be better than eating spicy Korean ramen and watching a Korean drama on Netflix?  Not much, except for listening to Kpop in the car whenever I go somewhere, and watching Kpop videos on YouTube.  But my love for Kpop is a whole other story that began around November 2017 and has only grown since then.  It was a variety show that started that love affair off, so I will get to that later.  This story is about a love affair with Korean dramas that will intertwine occasionally with the Kpop story.

I began my love affair with Korean dramas around 2 to 3 years ago.  I can’t really remember when I saw the first one but I can remember which one it was and why I chose it, and I have seen many others since then.  I have been a long-term fan of La Femme Nikita, the original series from the 90s starring Peta Wilson and Roy Dupuis, so that tended to affect my choices with regard to television shows that I was drawn to.  I enjoyed the darkness and the intrigue of La Femme Nikita that was interspersed with the impossible love story that developed between Nikita (Peta Wilson) and Michael (Roy Dupuis).  I also enjoyed the sub-plots, the acts of betrayal, and the great music that was used throughout.  I even went so far as to make my own fan-site, off-profile.com, which was never actually finished and was taken down years ago.  It was way too much work!

6_305 (2013_05_05 02_15_42 utc)

Screenshot from LFN season 1, episode 6 “Love”

Fans of La Femme Nikita will remember this episode well.

My first Korean drama on Netflix was IRIS and what a drama it was.  It was chosen simply because it seemed to be a very similar premise to La Femme Nikita so that was what drew me to it.  The show had it all – the secret organisation, the intrigue and the underhanded deals, the impossible love story, the sexy spies and assassins, lots of fingernail-biting suspense, and some great music.  I loved it despite the fact that I cried copious amounts of tears at the not-so-happy ending. (spoiler)  I remember thinking that it was too good to be true, and it was.

IRIS stars Lee Byung-Hun as Hyeong-Jun, Jin Sa-Woo as Jeong Jun-Ho, and Kim Tae-Hee as Seung-Hee.  Honourable mentions go to Choi Seung-Hyun (aka T.O.P. or TOP from Big Bang) for his role as Vick the terribly handsome and sexy bad guy assassin, and to Big Bang for the song “Hallelujah”.


Choi Seung-Hyun/TOP in IRIS

There are honourable mentions also for the two North Korean characters, Kim Seung-Woo (Park Cheol-Yeong) and Kim So-Yeon (Kim Sun-Hwa).  These two characters are wonderful examples of the character development that I have seen in many Korean dramas.

Credit to LadyVampAsia on YouTube for the tribute video featuring Vick (Choi Seung-Hyun/ TOP):

I have watched this many times and I’m listening to it while I add this post.

IRIS was released in 2009 and consisted of 20 episodes, and it is currently available on Netflix Australia.  I have watched it through twice, and did start re-watching for the third time but I have been distracted by too many other dramas.  Here is a little bit of personal IRIS trivia that is intertwined with my more recent love affair with Kpop.  The first time I watched IRIS, I was awe-struck by the bad guy assassin Vick.  He was so darn sexy it made my heart ache!  Not good for an old girl with a heart condition!  hahaha

Anyway, my kpop addiction began around late November/early December 2017, not long before the lovely Jonghyun from Shinee committed suicide in December 2017.  RIP Jonghyun.  I had been watching a variety show on Netflix called Men on a Mission that starred Kim Heechul from Super Junior as a regular cast member.  That was where my love of Kpop began, as I searched YouTube for Super Junior videos.  Not long after that, I also became a fan of Big Bang after seeing the videos for “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang, Bang, Bang” on YouTube.  As I watched more and more Big Bang videos and learned more about the group members, particularly my sexy bias TOP, I discovered a few months ago that he had been in IRIS.  Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I looked it up and realised that he had been the one who played Vick the sexy assassin.  I’d had absolutely no idea and I’d already watched IRIS through twice!

IRIS: The Movie was released in 2010 and IRIS 2 was released in 2013.  I have not seen either of those as they were not available on Netflix Australia the last time I checked.  I fully recommend IRIS for lovers of Korean drama, and lovers of Choi Seung-Hyun/TOP.

I would like to review and recommend more of the Korean dramas that I have seen but I’m not sure where to start because I’ve seen so many.  Do I start from the ones I am currently watching and work my way back? Or do I start from the earlier ones and work through from there.  It’s such a dilemma!  I am currently watching She Was Pretty while waiting for the new episode of Memories of the Alhambra to become available on Netflix.

I do not own any of the rights to the two images I have used in this post.  They have been used for educational purposes by a fan to illustrate a fan’s p.o.v. with regard to the dramas mentioned above.

Information about IRIS was sourced from:

http://asianwiki.com/IRIS and http://asianwiki.com/Iris:_The_Movie



Updating and Butterfly Wings ebook

Catching up on some housekeeping at the moment.  Had to update my profile because it was way out of date and seriously needed to be caught up.  So much has during the last 12 months – job change, becoming a first-time grandmother when my daughter and her partner had their baby in April 2018, my son’s wedding in July 2018, completing my Graduate Diploma in October 2018, and my son’s baby due in March 2019.

I haven’t had many work hours during the last few weeks due to my disability client being away for a holiday.  I have been trying to catch up on other things, and have been trying to use my spare time for good rather than evil.  hahaha  My love of writing keeps jumping up and down, trying to be heard above the noise of all the other things in my head so I finally listened, gathered up some of my poetry that I thought somebody might enjoy and put it into an ebook called Butterfly Wings and published it through Smashwords, who also distribute to many other ebook sellers online, and Amazon.  The latter also offers a paperback printing service so I formatted Butterfly Wings for the paperback version on Amazon.  I’m not sure if it will make any sales on any of the sites but it was a great achievement for me personally just to go through the process and take a chance.  It has also given me the incentive to develop and rewrite some of my other projects so that I can turn them into ebooks that somebody, or maybe nobody, will enjoy reading.  For me, it is the challenge involved and the personal achievement that is the most important.

Time for the shameless promotion!

“Butterfly Wings is a selection of 25 poems by Michelle Mewburn in a number of different styles that are sure to entertain. From the humorous “Comfy Knickers” to the more contemplative “What Has Gone Before” there is something to suit those who enjoy the beauty and diversity of poetry.”

Ebook version available at Smashwords and Amazon.  The paperback version is also available to order from Amazon.

Stephen King’s Tips for Writers

Stephen King has some very good tips for writers that I shared on a Facebook page back in 2016.  I decided to go back and read through them again as I have been feeling the overwhelming urge to be creative again despite also feeling like I am banging my stupid head against a brick wall whenever I attempt to do so.  I am thinking of printing and laminating the list so that I can stick it to the wall near the computer.


Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers

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