Australia – cut the crappy white nationalist shit.

So what is all this crap about people not singing the national anthem at a friggin’ football game? What’s the bloody problem? Since when did we become ‘little America’ where everybody has to worship a bloody stupid song and a flag? It’s the people who make a country, not a song or a flag. Everything that Briggs said was right and I wouldn’t have sung it either. White Aussies are becoming so nationalistic and intolerant that they forget that we were not the first ones here. There were others here long before us. This land was not conveniently vacant and waiting to be occupied. This land had a rich and interesting culture long before we came here.and we need to recognise that. I will not worship a song or a flag, or rave about how we fought for our ‘freedom’ in two world wars, or how our ‘founding fathers’ (yes, I’ve heard that one too. This isn’t America, folks) did this and that.
Every bloody Australian needs to read more accurate Australian history and learn about how we treated those who were here before us. This is not a country of white people, this is a country of many cultures and many colours. We need to learn to recognise that and to stop worshipping a stupid song that was written over a hundred years ago. We need a new inclusive anthem that acknowledges that this country is a melting pot of cultures.
Plain vanilla is so boring and uninteresting. Cut out the crappy white nationalism shit.



AFP Raids ABC News in Sydney

What the hell is going on in this country? Will journalists start to disappear now? Shouldn’t the AFP be more concerned about the crimes being reported on, instead of raiding news organisations doing the reporting? The journalists should be applauded not arrested. This is quite scary for our country.



My Love of KPop and Korean Hip Hop.

Korean music speaks to me in so many ways that I really can’t explain why or how.  It isn’t like I have any Korean ancestry, nor have I met any Korean people in real life so far, although I have had a couple of dm’s with a Korean Instagram friend who is around the same age as me.  I’ve liked many different bands and music styles throughout my life, and I have always liked music that was different to the music that my friends liked, or what was popular at the time.  Well, except for a couple of groups like Bay City Rollers or Jackson 5 that were pretty popular.  When my friends liked whoever was commercially popular and being played on the radio, I liked Black Sabbath, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.  Someone said many years ago that I should be on drugs with the kind of music that I like.  Hahaha, that will never happen.  Music is my drug and the genre of music that I listen to at any time is exactly what I need at that moment.  I have never let age (I’m almost 57) or societal influence dictate what sort of music I should be listening to.  Yes, I have had a couple of glasses of wine and was overcome by the urge to write this post while watching a video on YouTube called “The Most Influential KPOP Artist in History” that was posted by DKDKTV.


Warning, this might be a bit rambly as I do have a habit of rambling when I write.

When I was about 38 I started going to belly dance classes for various reasons, and I started getting into Indian and Pakistani music, especially the Indian hip hop styles.  It was great, and I loved it for a very long time.  Belly dance music of all styles was great, especially the music that we were learning dances for.  I had a dance mix cd that I played in the car and I loved it, but I didn’t save the music on the computer hard drive and can’t burn the cd again to replace old one.  😦

I loved Panjabi MC’s Beware of the Boys with Jay Z:

and Snake Charmer:

What’s not to love about that one!

I started getting into Korean pop music (KPop) in late 2017.  I won’t count PSY’s Gangnam Style which I really liked because it wasn’t what really got me into the music.  I can blame Men on  a Mission on Netflix for that.  I was watching Men on a Mission (aka Knowing Brothers) and gradually got to know more about the regular cast members.  Lee Sang Min was a member of Roo Ra from the 90s, and Kim Heechul is an original member of Super Junior.  So I looked them up and found these:

That was it for me.  Mr Simple began my KPop journey.  This was not long before the news of Shinee’s Jonghyun’s terribly sad suicide in December, 2017.  Yes, that news even reached Australian news outlets. That was when I started learning more about how much pressure these young people are dealing with during their training and performances.

As I learned more about Super Junior and their music, I discovered these guys:

OMFG! My life will never be the same again!  Since early 2018, I have watched countless videos on YouTube, purchased albums, and burned cd’s for the car.

But wait, there’s more.

BTS came into my life with this song:

I thought I was living in KPop heaven and was quite satisfied with my choices until I saw a few seconds of Block B Bastarz in a compilation video on YouTube.  That was in December 2018.  It was one of those “25 best songs” type videos.  Well, I was lost again and had to look up Bastarz

and Block B

Okay, so now I’m unofficially a Super Junior ELF, a BigBang VIP, BTS Army, and Block B BBC.  Do I care that I’m almost 57 and around 20 to 30 years older that these guys? Sometimes, but why should I be listening to ‘granny’ music when this is the sort of music that I enjoy and love listening to.  It makes me feel happy and alive, and I have found so much more music and have so many favourite songs.

Getting back to the DKDKTV video that started this post, I would like to say thank you to DKDKTV for the great video and thank you to Seo Taiji and Boys for leading the Korean music revolution.

야 (Hey!)

I was sitting here thinking of some of the different words I’ve learned, and some of the things I would like to do since I have been devouring Korean dramas and some variety shows.  Would any other drama fans like to help me add to the list?

  • I want to aggressively say ‘wae’ instead of politely asking ‘why’.
  • I want to shout ‘ddaeng’ and whack people with a plastic hammer when they get something wrong (Men on a Mission).
  • I want to shout ‘jeongdab’ when they get it right (Men on a Mission).
  • I am so tempted to whack people in the back of the head and say, “Why, you little punk!”
  • I want to say ‘mwo’ instead of ‘what’.
  • I want to say ‘annyeong’ or ‘annyeonghaseyo’ instead of ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.
  • I want to go to Jeju Island.
  • I want to drink soju, and eat tteokbokki and gimbap.
  • I fall in love with most of the lead male actors in the dramas.
  • I think that ‘salanghae’ is a lovely word.

I’m sure I will think of more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

And finally, one of my absolute favourite Korean words from the dramas and instructions on how and when to use it appropriately.  Great video!  I want to use this word every day but haven’t really had the opportunity to do so yet.

Shopaholic Louis (2016) (Spoilers)

Currently on Netflix Australia


Main cast:

Seo In-guk as Kang Ji-sung/Louis

Nam Ji-hyun as Ko Bok-shil

Yoon Sang-hyun as Cha Joong-won

Im Se-mi as Baek Ma-ri

Kim Young-ok as Choi Il-soon (Louis’ grandma)

Kim Sun-young as Heo Jung-ran (Grandma’s assistant)

Um Hyo-sup as Kim Ho-joon (Louis’ butler)


What a delightful show this was.  The cast was fantastic, the story was great, and the characters were wonderfully likeable.  This is another rich boy/poor girl story like Secret Garden but with a twist.  Louis has no idea who he really is for most of the show.

Louis is a wealthy heir who has lived a life of luxury in France with the assistance of his butler Ho-joon.  He has never known what it is like to have to work and has been completely spoiled all his life.  He fills in his time with online shopping and has become an expert on fashion trends and expensive items.  He travels back to Seoul and is involved in an accident, and his family believes that he was killed.

Bok-shil, a poor girl from the country, has travelled to Seoul after her grandma passed away.  She is looking for her brother who had gone to the city.  She comes across a very dishevelled Louis, who happened to be wearing the same tracksuit as her brother had been wearing.  She thought that Louis might have stolen her brother’s tracksuit and might know what happened to her brother.


Secret Garden (2010) Follow-Up

Currently on Netflix Australia

Main cast

Ha Ji-won as Gil Ra-im

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won

Yoon Sang-hyun as Choi Woo-young (Oska)

Kim Sa-rang as Yoon Seul

Gil Ra-im is a stunt woman who does the action shots for the main actress in movies.  She is a fan of Oska, a Korean Wave singer, who has been struggling to regain his popularity.  Oska and his cousin Joo-won, who is a department store CEO, are very competitive so when they both meet Ra-im they both start to compete against each other to see who can win her over.  Yoon Seul was Oska’s girlfriend in the past and they have this love-hate relationship going on but they are both too stubborn to acknowledge that they still do love each other, and they do everything they can to punish and hurt each other.



Who bore the brunt of the lies and deception,

while being told it was just misconception?

The lies were misleading.

Her mind was misreading.

“She must be crazy,” he said.


Who bore the pain and wore the scars,

when the hurtful words burned like cigars?

She had made a mistake

while baking a cake.

“You are rubbish,” he said.


Who bore the dread that tore through her heart

on the morning the car engine failed to start?

It was all her fault again.

She needs to listen.

“You’re just useless,” he said.


Who bore the lies, the deception, the pain?

Who bore the scars?

She did.


Michelle Mewburn © 2019


Image from (Creative commons license)

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